Our Story

Who are the Fortifaiers?

Fortifai, founded in Oslo, Norway is created by industry leaders with decades of hands-on experience and expertise in regulatory implementation and risk management. We fuse expert advice & analytics  to simplify adherence to ESG regulations.

Our mission is to transform Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) compliance - making it fun, easy, and cost-effective in order to empower companies to actively shape a sustainable and healthier world.

Meet the team

Abbey Lin

Founder, CEO

En Abdulahu

Data Scientist

Geir Henning Pettersen

Board Member - Tech

Tormod Tingstad

Board Member - Legal & Compliance

Mislav Tvrdinic

Software Engineer

Olga Dementyeva

Director - ESG & Compliance

Duart Kasapolli

UX/UI Designer